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 Introducing Sinalau Bakas, a delicious native dish of the Dusun, the largest ethnic group in North Borneo.

Sinalau Bakas is one of Sabah's most popular food, and frankly, they have all the rights to be. Sinalau means grill while Bakas means wild boar (better known as Babi Salai in Bahasa Melayu) and they can very easily be found in roadside stalls along the way from Tamparuli to Kundasang (towards Mount Kinabalu). Though many may consider wild boar meat to be exotic, it remains as one of the oldest local favorite among the Sabahans.

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Houses belonging to the Dusuns in the highlands of Ranau.

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The kitchen - not the most pleasant sight to look at, but definitely thorough in terms of necessities.

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Most Dusuns/Kadazans are Christians so the consumption of pork is nothing out of the ordinary. However, many of these stalls do not have proper signboards except for banners with the words 'Sinalau Bakas' scribbled on them, so there have been incidents where Muslims from West Malaysia have mistakenly consumed the meat without knowing what they really were.

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It was love at first sight (and scent). Nothing beats the sweet, sweet smell given out by chunky, fat-ladden meat on the roast.

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The meat can last up to a month if kept frozen.

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Happy dogs!

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 Voila! The end product. The meat is absolutely tender and juicy (I requested for the juiciest part) and the marinade used is not overpowering. It can be eaten as it is, or made into another dish like curry or stir-fry. Remember to ask for the special chili dip!