Freshly Revamped: The Baker’s Son at Jaya Grocer

The renowned Baker's Son, Jaya Grocer's much-loved bakery division, has commenced an exciting new chapter. This dazzling transformation heralds a refreshed look, elevating the emphasis on freshness and quality, which has always been at the heart of its baked delights.

For those ready to explore delicious and buttery culinary wonders up close, there's no better place to start than right at your nearest Jaya Grocer. Let's experience the seamless blend of traditional artisan baking and contemporary aesthetics at this neighbourhood bakery!

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The Baker’s Son Jaya Grocer
The Baker’s Son launches with a new-look at Sunway Geo, Subang Jaya

Freshly Revamped: The Baker’s Son at Jaya Grocer

Brand New Look 

With an established legacy spanning over a historic decade of crafting high-quality bread, The Baker’s Son rolls out a rejuvenated look. A celebration of artisan bread making, this revamped identity fuses the heart-warming allure of freshly baked goods with a modern and vibrant twist. If you've been lucky enough to witness this transformation in person at Sunway Geo in Subang Jaya, then you'll know precisely the fresh vibrancy as described.

The narrative unfurls as the bakery explores the new frontiers of flavours, where every bite encapsulates a commitment to quality and a symphony of savoury delights. Peter Tan, the da Vinci of dough at this dynamic pantry, takes us through their mission, "Offering healthy alternatives to customers without a hint of compromise on quality or taste; where natural and premium ingredients reign, and preservatives, artificial colouring, or additives are banished."

The Baker’s Son Jaya Grocer
Peter Tan, the Head Baker at The Baker's Son, showcases a selection of nourishing baked treats in the newly renovated The Baker's Son located at Sunway Geo.

Commitment to Quality Ingredients

Peter takes us further into The Baker’s Son sanctum. "Our fresh outlook serves the evolving preferences of families increasingly conscious of their health, making a clear statement with our products." Take a moment, close your eyes. Now, imagine the comforting aroma of warm bread weaving through your senses. "Every product is a token of our dedication to excellent baking," Peter adds, "tested through several iterative cycles to ensure a superior taste that would make even the fussiest British bake-off judge beam."

The Baker’s Son doesn’t just stop with taste and the joy of excellent baking. Peter and team understand that food should bring comfort, not concern, especially for those navigating the extra challenges posed by allergies.

Ingredients are a matter of transparency here, beneath the golden crusts of their loaves and breads unfurls a promise: Nothing but natural and recognisable ingredients free from preservatives and additives. From egg to the sneakiest of nuts, allergens are clearly labelled making it an ally in your epic crusade of culinary delights.

The Baker's Son jaya grocer
The breads and loaves at The Baker's Son exclusively feature natural and easily recognisable ingredients, devoid of preservatives and additives.

Affordable Baked Goods

In the realm of The Baker’s Son, quality doesn't come with a spine-chilling price tag. "We keep our standard high and prices affordable," Peter quips, "because healthier options should be available to all, with loaves proudly starting from RM6.90."

This commitment extends even to their French butter croissants - the culinary envy of the global bakers’ guild, with over 100,000 pieces sold per month! It's a testament to the fact that in the heart of Jaya Grocer, baking is not merely about producing staples.

The Baker’s Son Patisserie

The Baker's Son is expanding its horizons and is soon launching a patisserie service across selected stores. You can discover an incredible selection of 4-inch cakes which are perfect for smaller, intimate gatherings of families and friends.

Customers receive more than just toothsome treats here. They also enjoy substantial discounts every month through Jaya Grocer Members' Special deals. The path to this magnificent membership? The Grab mobile app, a gateway to innumerable delicious deals.

Kid's Bakery Workshop

To mark the roll-out of its fresh look, The Baker's Son hosted an engrossing Kid's Bakery Workshop exclusively for Jaya Grocer Members. An avenue for children to dip their hands into dough and the joy of baking. Not just a session, but a true journey including guided baking sessions, pastry decoration activities, and fun games, leaving little attendees in tantalised anticipation for their freshly baked goods.

The Baker's Son jaya grocer
Kid's Bakery Workshop organised by The Baker's Son

About The Baker's Son

Journey with us to The Baker's Son, the artisanal bakery that's a treasure trove of hearty, wholesome delights. Every morsel brought to life here bursts with natural, superior-quality ingredients and unadulterated flour. Long-time allies of preservatives, beware! You shall find no quarters here. Committed to serving up loaves of brilliance, each slice they offer hums with health benefits that win over even the most health-prudent families.

Integrated into the Jaya Grocer household since the turn of the decade in 2010, The Baker's Son culinary masterpieces now grace every nook of the Jaya Grocer stores – a testament to their continued commitment and popularity!

About Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer is a prestigious mass-premium supermarket chain – a beacon of quality that began its journey back in 2007. Over its storied years, it has morphed into a gathering point for all things high-quality and chock-full of a diverse array of imported gems.

From humble beginnings, Jaya Grocer has proliferated, boasting 48 branches including special sections like Korean Grocer spread across Malaysia. Today, it offers a wealth of fresh ingredients to households across Malaysia. 

Their ambition is simple – to alter your shopping experience, to make it something more, something grand. And it doesn't just stop within their cool, inviting aisles. They extended this ambition into the digital orbit, hitching their wagon to the starry sky of GrabMart - an exciting shopping sojourn, all at the tips of your fingers.


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