WIP On The Park, Kuala Lumpur

Your brand new hang out spot has arrived in Kuala Lumpur!

The popular multi-award winning SOULed OUT Group recently expanded by launching its latest modern offering in the city. This time around, it is bringing its F&B empire into greener pastures, with the official opening of WIP On The Park in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. As the mastermind behind some of Malaysia's hottest entertainment spots over the last 26 years, the group continues to thrive and evolve by introducing more wine, dine and party options.

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    WIP On The Park, Kuala Lumpur

    By The SOULed OUT Group

    The founder of Bangsar's hottest watering hole - WIP, the SOULed OUT Group has just opened a new entertainment oasis for expats and city dwellers conveniently at the Marc Residence along Jalan Pinang. Known as WIP On The Park, this restaurant-cum-bar boldly mirrors its legendary counterpart in Bangsar Shopping Centre but with a chic urban tropic twist. It was formerly known as Tujo.

    WIP Food Menu
    WIP On The Park, Kuala Lumpur is now open at Marc Residence!

    Trendy & Lush Gastro-Lounge

    WIP On The Park aims to captivate diners as they step into the mesmerising gastro-lounge. Its interior is designed to be ultra-modern with plenty of expansive windows and walls covered with all sorts of enchanting live plants. There is also a large LED screen and spacious patio - ideal for those who fancy open-air dining and drinking.

    WIP On The Park kuala lumpur
    The Clam Bar with a unique layout at WIP On The Park, Kuala Lumpur
    WIP On The Park interior
    You can even choose to hang out on the first floor at WIP On The Park
    WIP On The Park first floor
    Spacious and green ambiance at WIP On The Park

    Specialty Signature Cocktails at WIP

    At WIP On The Park, there's a drink for everyone! Enjoy high quality imported wines from different corners of the world, local beers or exclusive spirits including brandy, tequila, rum, whisky, vodka and gin. Cocktails lovers can treat themselves to specialty concoctions such as its signature Cabernet Mojito, Smash Hit, Coco-groni and Tropic Thunder that are thoughtfully curated right at the bar. Elegant and trendy, the cocktails are prepared with only 100% natural ingredients and premium spirits.

    wip drinks menu
    Specialty cocktails and mojitos at WIP On The Park
    wip drinks menu
    Orientini (RM30)
    Gin, lychee liqueur, roselle, pink grapefruit and thyme
    wip cocktail menu
    Smash Hit! (RM30)
    Refreshing floral mix of gin, elderflower, lemon, basil and cucumber.

    Contemporary WIP Food Menu

    The menu at WIP on the park is made up of cosmopolitan cuisine inspired by different continents and cultures. With 100 delicious dishes currently being offered, it thoughtfully includes comfort food and crowd pleasers that carry both local and international elements, such as Black Angus Fried Kway Teow, Kerala Style Fish in Banana Leaf and Chicken Makanwala.

    There are also new additions to the WIP food menu which feature a playful and unexpected twist, such as the Wagyu Truffle Pesto Burger, Tom Yum Fettuccine and Short Rib Nasi Lemak. WIP on the park beautifully showcases the rich diversity of Malaysia’s local and international offerings. There is something for every palate and appetite here!

    WIP Food Menu
    Black Angus Tenderloin (RM90)
    With asparagus spears, sliced fennel, mashed potato and creamy béarnaise sauce.
    WIP Food Menu
    Espeteda or traditional Portuguese meat skewers served with roasted chat potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
    WIP Food Menu
    Seafood Curry Laksa (RM30)
    With tiger prawns, squid, cockles, fish balls. beancurd and egg.
    WIP Food Menu
    Curry Leaf Buttered Garlic Prawns (RM58)
    Tiger prawns cooked in creamy garlic and spiced buttered sauce
    WIP on the park kuala lumpur
    Wagyu Truffle Pesto Burger (RM42)
    Pan fried beef patty with truffle harissa pesto sauce, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, smoked cheddar cheese, wild rockets, and onions. Served in a pretzel brioche bun laden and spicy potato wedges.
    WIP on the park kuala lumpur
    Miso Honey Glazed Black Cod (RM78)
    Black cod marinated in miso and honey served with edamame, purple sweet potato mash, mushrooms and fried lotus root.

    Contact Details

    WIP On The Park, Kuala Lumpur

    Address: Marc Residence, No. 3, Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur
    Contact number: +012-2103055
    Opening hours: 12pm-12am daily


    1. all foods looks good, decoration pun nice very cosy. i feel like to try the curry laksa.. nampak sedapppp

    2. Short-rib nasi lemak? I wanna try that. I remembered went to Tujo for buka puasa many eons ago. Hehe.

    3. Cantiknya lounge area dia. Looks modern & cosy to lepak with le friends. And the foods too, semua nampak menarik :)

    4. Tempat yang menarik dan rasa tenang jika nikmati makanan yang mereka sediakan. semoga gembira di sana ya. Stay safe

    5. Nampak eksklusif menjamu selera.. tmpt pun nmpk selesa utk santai2.. boleh rekomen pada boss utk bawa client ke sini..

    6. Lawa nye gambar..terus terlioq. Udang tu bukan main berdri cantik je. Lawa sungguh plate presentation. Terus nak pi makan sana dibuatnya.

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