Things to Do in Kos Island, Greece

Kos is the third largest Greek Dodecanese island in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Located just miles away from the Turkish coast of Bodrum, Kos is connected to many other notable Greek islands such as Rhodes, Kalymnos and Nisyros. From being a traditional Greek town to evolving into a modern tourist destination, Kos, the home to Hippocrates, is filled with excitement and boundless beauty.

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Things to Do in Kos Island, Greece

Kos may be huge compared to its neighbouring islands, but there are only so many things that one can do when traveling there. The lack of activities is craftily made up with the most beautiful landscapes, with acres after acres of unspoiled virgin mountains lined against the sky of the bluest hue. Listed below are the top things to do in Kos Island, Greece.

Go on the Most Beautiful Road Trip

The perfect way to spend your day on Kos in none other than going on a road trip from one end of the island to the other. Feast your eyes on the mountainous terrain, volcanoes, long stretches of pristine beaches, sleepy villages, and beautiful sights all along the way.

Kos Island greece
Go on a beautiful road trip in Kos, Greece
kos island greece
Boundless beauty on Kos

Visit the Archaeological Sites & Monuments

If you enjoy sightseeing and exploring historical places, then Kos will not disappoint you. The island is rich in historic monuments and ancient castles that will blow your mind away. A few of the structures and historical landmarks that you can still find on the island today are the Hipocrates Plane Tree, Roman Odeum, Venetian Castle of Antimachia, Asklepieion Sacred Hospital, and the Ruins of the Basilicas, Agios Stephanos.

Ruins of the Basilicas Agios Stefanos, Kéfalos
Ruins of the Basilicas in Agios Stefanos, Kéfalos

Find Your Way to Aspri Petra

Aspri Petra, or the White Stone Cave, is a 140 million years-old cave from the early Age of Bronze (2900-2100 B.C.) and was used right up to the Roman times. The former place of worship stands on an altitude of 257 meters on the slopes of Mount Zini on southwestern Kéfalos, and was formed as a result of bedrock dissolution. It is located 33km away from the town of Kos, and is accessible by a very bumpy car or bike ride, followed by a short climb.

Aspri Petra kos
Visiting Aspri Petra at Kos, Greece

Kos Wildlife Viewing

A large variety of wildlife can be found across the island. It is especially famous for its Spur Thighed Tortoises, Balkan Terrapins, Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Starred Agama Lizards, peacocks, hedgehogs, Levant Water Frogs, and different species of migratory birds.

kos greece
Wildlife viewing at Kos, Greece
kos greece
Sit back and observe the beautiful animals at Kos!
best places to see in kos
Things to do at Kos Island
kos greece
You can even try bird-watching on this island!

Visit a Church (or a Mosque)

The main religion practiced on Kos is Greek Orthodoxy. There is a cathedral, a Roman Catholic church, as well as a mosque for the Muslim Turkish-speaking community on the island. There is also a Synagogue, though no longer used for religious ceremonies.

what to do in kos
A church in the Kéfalos village, built on a hill at the western part of the island

Lounge on the Beaches in Kos Town

There are approximately 20 beaches scattered on the coast of Kos. The balmy weather, soft sands, and emerald waters will definitely make your stay on the island an extra unique and relaxing one. Despite the many public beaches, there are a few locations that you must not miss, including the famed Mastichari beach, Empros Thermi (hot spring), Lambi beach, and Tigaki.

top attractions on kos island
The island of Agios Stefanos
best beaches in kos
Crystal clear water

Explore the Traditional Houses

The beautifully preserved and restored traditional houses here depict the architecture of the residence in the region of the olden days. The elements and designs that you see are built according to the architecture of early 20th century.

Things to Do in Kos Island
Traditional House of Antimachia in Kos
kos island greece
Traditional House of Antimachia in Kos
kos island greece
Traditional House of Antimachia in Kos
kos island greece
Traditional house on Kos
kos island greece
Inside a traditional house on Kos

Enjoy the Panoramic Views

Sometimes, doing nothing at all could just be the most rewarding experience - especially when you are on a beautiful island. Let your hair down, sip on a glass of hot Greek coffee, and simply appreciate all the goodness and aesthetic pleasures that Kos has to offer.

best island in greece
The best views in Kos Island
what to eat in kos
Amazing view from above Kos, Greece

How to Get to Kos Island

There are several ways to get to Kos Island. You can take a ferry from the Piraeus Port in Athens, which is available 4 times a week and the journey takes approximately 11 hours. There are other ferry departing from the ports in Rhodes, Leros, Kalymos and Patmos. Alternatively, you can take a flight directly to the Kos International Airport (KGS) or known also as “Hippocrates”. For budget travelers, consider taking an express bus to Bodrum and hop onto a short ferry ride to Kos.

Is Kos, Greece Expensive?

Similar to other islands in Greece, Kos can be affordable or expensive according to your travel style and needs. Bars and restaurants with amazing views are relatively pricier, whereas local shops serve cheaper options that are equally as delicious. To truly enjoy Kos, we highly recommend bringing both into the mix and to splurge a little even if you are traveling on a budget.

Happy exploring!


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