Nat Pokok Getah Arau at Perlis, Malaysia

Malaysia is truthfully one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, and my recent trip to Perlis - the smallest and northernmost state in Malaysia - has opened my eyes to many more amazing wonders.

best Street Markets in malaysia
Nat Pokok Getah Arau at Perlis, Malaysia: Authentic Local Market

Nat Pokok Getah Arau at Perlis, Malaysia

Authentic Local Market in Perlis

Nat Pokok Getah is more than just a morning market: it is a copybook example of everything Malaysia represents. Amidst the bustling carts loaded with commodities and freshly harvested produce, the locals - both young and old - gather blithely to share a hearty breakfast, stock up on household necessities, or simply to discuss their plans for the day.

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Pasar Borong Kangar, Perlis
An elderly man in his vehicle at Nat Pokok Getah
Top Perlis Attractions
Best Things To Do In Perlis
An elderly vendor selling vegetables at Nat Pokok Getah

Time passes slower in the northern countryside.

The locals have chosen to live fully and nonchalantly in the present. There is no hurry or pressure in getting things done. Every smile is sincere, and every conversation struck bears a purpose. Life is perceptibly more meaningful, joyful and composed here. 

THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Perlis
A vegetable seller at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
Top Attractions You Should Visit in Perlis
A food vendor at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
top attractions & food recommendations in perlis
Breakfast at Nat Pokok Getah can be a rewarding experience
What to See in Perlis
A butcher at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis

Local Produce of Perlis

Nat Pokok Getah is a wonderland for both culinary experts and seasoned home cooks. Nat translates to a market, and pokok getah means rubber tree. Located within a rubber estate in Pauh, vendors from across the region come together to form this morning market on Fridays and Sundays. It first started in 1998, and has thrived ever since as it has been bringing profitability to the vendors and convenience to the buyers.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the market is that it is always shaded - all thanks to the huge surrounding rubber trees that form a natural canopy.

Top 10 Attractions in Perlis, Malaysia
The rubber trees surround the market to form a natural canopy

Perlis is the perfect starting point for those looking to discover and explore the amazing raw ingredients and yields from this region. Bordering Thailand's Satun province, it harvests the best crops both countries have to offer:

pekasam ikan air tawar
Pekasam are typically freshwater fishes preserved in salt, tamarind, brown sugar and roasted rice.
perlis sunshine gold manga mangoes
The seasonal and highly demanded Perlis Sunshine Gold mangoes 
burung puyuh perlis
Burung Puyoh or Japanese quails
japanese quails for sale
Burung Puyoh or the Japanese quails
buah kerdas genuak
Buah Kerdas or Genuak - a type of edible stinky fruit
urap jagung, ubi kayu, emping padi
Urap Jagung (steamed corn with grated coconut), Ubi Kayu or tapioca, and Emping Padi (young green rice with grated coconut) 
perencah masak asli melayu
Pre-made sauces and condiments for popular Malay dishes
Must See Attractions in Perlis
A vendor arranging his goods for sale.
pasar pagi di perlis
A fish vendor at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
10 BEST Restaurants in Perlis
A variety of local mollusks
Tempat Makan Best Di Perlis
More mollusks
What to eat in Perlis
At RM10 per plate it's an absolute steal!

Cheap & Authentic Local Food

It was quite an experience to have my breakfast here. The selection is kept strictly and delightfully Malay - packed with immense flavors and spices. Best of all, visitors can enjoy a satisfying meal completed with a drink and dessert for just under RM10.

What to eat in Perlis
Local food sold at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
kuala perlis seafood restaurant opening hours
Mee Sup Daging at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
tempat makan best di arau perlis
Nasi Ayam at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
perlis food blog
Beautiful donuts sold at the market
chinese food in perlis
Fresh goat milk
restoran nelayan kuala perlis
An "economy rice" stall that allows customers to select any combination of dishes, typically served with a portion of rice or noodles.

Live Animals, Secondhand Goods & Antiques

Besides fresh produce and food, there is an entire section at Nat Pokok Getah dedicated to selling unconventional items such as live animals (either for eating or as pets - I honestly cannot tell the difference today anymore), rare antiques and bundle - a local slang for used clothes.

Top 10 Attractions in Perlis, Malaysia
Live animals sold at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
pet shops in perlis
Fishes sold at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
kedai haiwan di perlis
Fishes sold at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
Top Tourist Attractions in Perlis
Antiques sold at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
must-see places in perlis malaysia
Old artifacts sold at Nat Pokok Getah, Arau, Perlis
what to do in perlis
Traditional alternative Malay medicine
top things to do in perlis
Used phones and gadgets
kedai bundle di perlis
Used shoes sold at the market

Local Tobacco & Kopi Timbang

One of the highlights of the trip was trying out the local tobacco and coffee in Perlis.
The tobacco is like nothing I've seen before - they come in sheets and are sold by the gram. There are different flavors and intensity to suit individual preferences, and these roll-your-own cigarettes are a lot more economical compared to commercial brands.

cheap tobacco & cigarettes in perlis
Local tobacco is manufactured in the form of sheets and is sold by the gram.
local tobacco in perlis
A vendor preparing an order by cutting the sheets and weighing the tobacco

Kopi Timbang or "scale coffee" is local coffee sold by weighing it on the scale. There are two variations available - black and white - which already have sugar added in them.

serbuk kopi timbang perlis
Kopi Timbang or local Perlis coffee sold at Nat Pokok Getah
Aroma harum kopi kampung kuala perlis
The machine used to grind the local coffee beans

Nat Pokok Getah in Perlis is a sight to behold. It can easily be ranked as one of the top attractions in this tiny state located at the top of Malaysia and right below the Satun province of Thailand. Don't forget to include this as your travel destination when you visit the region in the future. Happy exploring!

Contact Information

Address: Kampung Kubang, 02600 Arau, Perlis
Opening time: 8am-1pm

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  1. Menarik market ni..macam-macam ada. A must pit stop 😆😆

  2. thanks sharing thia attractive local market. maybe next year i will to the north and visit here

  3. aduhaiiii bestnya , memang bekum
    pernah jalan2 dekat Perlis ...tapi tengok pun hati tenang dan senang...bahan mentah dan makanan pun murah....nanti saya ada peluang pwrgi pasti akan rujuk entry ni ....kopi timbang tu dah boleh bau sedapnya....

  4. lama tak dengar perkataan nat. haha rinduuu kampung halaman. memang best kalau dapat pi nat, berjam2 dok pusing dalam tu. rindunyaaa

  5. Kalau kat tempat kita ada juga pasar macam ni setiap hari Ahad dan memang akan jualan semua orang kampung tempatan dan juga boleh dapat pelbagai sayuran tempatan yang pelik-pelik seronok sebab murah-murah...

  6. Seeonok tengok pasar macam ni.. Ada macam2 jualan, dari brg basah, maknan sayuran.. Semuala.. Pasti murah2 semuanya. Rasa nak ke perlis je.. Ehehe

  7. I have to admit that the only times I went to Perlis were to cross the border to and from Thailand. Never actually took the time to explore the state. I should do that next time.

  8. Perghhh ini kalau Sis dapat pergi pasar macam ni, mau habis borong semua dah.. mata nampak petai dan kerdas, juga burung puyuh tu haaa..adoii masak lomak cili api sedapnyaaaa...

  9. I miss going to Pasar like this and I only do this when I am back at my hometown.. :P Miss the environment and my childhood too as I grow up helping my grandma at the market :)

  10. Macam2 ada kat lokal market ni, yang paling menarik perhatian saya ialah ikan guppies, telur puyuh dan juga fresh goat milk.

    I suka this kind of pasar malam! Bestnyaaaa kalau dapat kat tmpt i sendiri!
    Semua lengkap untuk bahan memasaknya! makanan best lagi! ;)

  12. It has been a while after my last time visit here. This day market is better as its cold in between many tree. I will visit again if drop by to Perlis

  13. rindunya nak pegi pasar. tak syok la covid ni buatkan pasar takde. hmm

  14. Terangnya gambar, cantik and I like it. Lama tak pergi pasar sejak PKP

  15. Diela suka sangat pasar macam ni. Sebab diela asal dari kampung.. Kalau balik kampung mesti pegi pasar macam ni, macam2 ada.. Menggamit kenangan betul. Tq


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