Ultimate Horse Training & Stud Farm at Yan, Kedah

There is just something magical about horses. At some point of growing up, every child would dream of ponies and horses inspired by fairy tales and childhood stories. It’s as though you are on top of the world riding these magnificent creatures. Now, these dreams can come true at Ultimate Horse Training – for both children and adults alike!

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Ultimate Horse Training & Stud Farm at Yan, Kedah

Top Attractions in Yan, Kedah

Yan is a district located along the coast of the Straits of Malacca and is the smallest municipality in Kedah. It holds the charms of a small town that busy urbanites would certainly treasure. There are also waterfalls hidden amidst the lush green forests, as well as quiet beaches that make this place a natural wonder. The majestic Mount Jerai is located at the border of Yan and Kuala Muda. With a cool climate and lofty views, the 1,217-meter mountain is unsurprisingly a famous destination for retreat, rest, and relaxation. Ultimate Horse Training is located at the foot of this mountain to give it a perfect backdrop.

Ultimate horse Training and stud farm, Yan
Horse-riding at Ultimate Horse Training & Stud Farm at Yan, Kedah

Horse-Riding Lessons

Prepare to be delighted once you step foot at Ultimate Horse Training, especially at the stables where the horses are kept. You will instantly be drawn to the beautiful horses as you feel excitement quickly mounting up for the rides. Hay can be purchased here to be fed to the horses, so always have your camera ready to capture the precious moment! Set against a stunning mountain backdrop, your horse-riding experience at Ultimate Horse Training will be a truly memorable one.

Ultimate horse Training and stud farm, Yan, Kedah, Malaysia
Experience horse-riding at Ultimate Horse Training & Stud Farm at Yan, Kedah
Ultimate horse Training and stud farm, Yan, Kedah, Malaysia
Feel free to get to know the horses at Ultimate Horse Training & Stud Farm at Yan, Kedah
Ultimate Horse Training & Stud Farm at Yan, Kedah
Qualified instructors at Ultimate Horse Training & Stud Farm at Yan, Kedah

Activities at Ultimate Horse Training & Stud Farm

Other than horses, Ultimate Horse Training is also home to other animals such as ostriches and deer. Visitors are invited to feed the animals as a fun activity for the whole family. This is another perfect opportunity to take some photographs as keepsakes. If you are interested in extending your stay and get a taste of living on-site, there are three homestays available for rent that are run by local villagers.

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Horse-Riding Price & Packages

The horse-riding rates are as follows:

Joy Ride Rates

Trail Ride Rates

Basic Training Package

1x round RM5

2x rounds RM7

3x rounds RM10

RM90 per hour (20 kilometers)

10x lessons RM500

How to Get to Yan, Kedah

Yan is located about 40 kilometres from Sungai Petani and 45 kilometres from Alor Setar, the state capital of Kedah. It is approximately 4 and a half hours away from Kuala Lumpur via E1 Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan. You will certainly enjoy the drive to Yan along the scenic and awe-inspiring route which brings you through tranquil villages and the sleepy countryside.

Life is a beautiful tapestry of memories and a trip to Ultimate Horse Training at Yan, Kedah would certainly add up to that! As one of the best attractions in Kedah, it is a must-visit destination for the whole family.

Contact Information

Address: Lot 784, Jalan Ruat Besar, Kampung Raga 06900 Yan, Kedah Darul Aman
Contact number: +6019-385 8595
Opening Hours: 8am-6pm (Break from 11am-3pm). Closed on Mondays.


  1. I kan tak pernah menunggang kuda. I teringin tapi i takut + fobia haha..sebab dulu i baca artikel yg hero superman zaman dulu2 paralyse sebab jatuh kuda hahah..sejak tu i takut giler

  2. Anak-anak mesti suka sangat kalau naik kuda ni. Cantik tempat dia

  3. Wow... The trail ride package seem to interesting hor.. Sure will be an unforgettable memory... Will mark this on my Google Map. Place I Want To Go!

  4. Uii paling takut Sis naik kuda woo hahahaha tak tau kenapa, then rasanya kalau Sis naik kuda, mesti sis gelak tak sudah dek sebab bergegar-gegar badan tu hahahaha.. tapi kalau anak Sis yaa suka.. nanti nak bagitau kat dia tempat ni, sebab dia suka hunting ...

  5. Suka tengok orang naik kuda, main dengan kuda.. Harga not bad. Tak sangka dekat sana ade tempat ni. Pernah bawk anak naik kuda. Tapi maknya tkut.. Nak pegang pun takut

  6. Horse riding is so fun! I miss it, used to ride at mid hill Genting last time. This place is so affordable

  7. Eh I didn't know there's horse riding in Malaysia!
    Like OMG, after so many years!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Me and my girl is going to visit soon!

  8. i have no experience riding a horse :)
    sangat teruja bila tonton dlm tv berkaitan horse riding ni. ala-ala koboi :)
    once pernah bawa my children, port dickson. mereka saje la yg tunggang kuda.
    1 round along the beach. it was fun.

    rates pun ok nilainya, tak mahal.
    sesiapa yg di kedah, wajib grab this opportunity utk belajar tunggang kuda :)

  9. Oh this is nice. I've been on horsebacks before but I think I need proper lessons to really ride one. All this while, I had someone holding the reins for me.

  10. Pernah baca ttg terapi menunggang kuda. Satu aktiviti menarik yg boleh dicuba

  11. I never had a chance to ride a horse, but always picture of me riding a horse while holding an archary. Haha..cool righ?

  12. good price here for horse riding. nice info. if i going to kedah will stop by here

  13. I enjoyed reading this,you are a very good story teller it makes me want to go there the next holiday with my cucu

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