Your Guide to Visiting the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia

"You've arrived at your destination." I refused to believe my ears as the exterior of the building in front of me did not look anything like a museum. I genuinely believed that my Grab driver mistakenly dropped me off at a random mosque.

Then I spotted several Islamic Arts Museum banners around me - I knew I had indeed arrived at the right place. Feeling awestruck and amazed, I excitedly made my way towards the museum.

One of the best collections of Islamic ornamental arts in the world can be seen here at Malaysia's very own Islamic Arts Museum. It is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur amidst the lush grassland of Perdana Botanical Gardens. As I entered the building, I instantly noticed that the walls are made out of delicate glass which allowed natural light to shine through.

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Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Your Guide to Visiting the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia

Textile Gallery

Early Islamic textiles conveyed status and wealth, and highly detailed woven silks and bright colorfast cotton dyes were extremely popular. Today, there many remarkable textiles on display at the Islamic Arts Museum. Not only do they each feature a unique story, but they were also brought here from different parts of the world. A particular piece got my attention - an entire Quran verse beautifully printed on a large textile. We were told that this is from India.

textile gallery Islamic Arts Museum
Textile Gallery at the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia
textile gallery Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
In the past, textiles were used for sartorial and decorative purposes.

Ceramic Gallery

Ceramics are among the most vibrant successes of the Islamic world. Their influences originated from a variety of sources - most notably olden day China. From the austerity of Nishapur calligraphic bowls to the richness of Kashan lusterware, these works are marked by an undeniable vitality.

There are many ceramics that you can find at this museum but one thing that captured my attention was the eye-catching ceramic tiles across the Muslim world hung on the wall. 

ceramic gallery Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Ceramic Gallery at the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia

Quran and Manuscript Gallery

Most of the Qurans and manuscripts that are being displayed at the Islamic Arts Museum are handwritten. These masterpieces highlight the written words with exquisite calligraphy and simple early Kufic compositions. Believe it or not, even these little Quran are handwritten!

Quran and Manuscript Gallery
Quran and Manuscript Gallery at the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia

Architecture Gallery

From Africa to the Far East, this incredible gallery features magnificent architectural scale models and building parts. The Damascus Room, which was adorned during the Ottoman control of Syria, and a wall made up of numerous decorative tiles from all across the Muslim world are among the features here.

While you are getting mesmerised by the beautiful pieces, don’t forget to look up. The domes are beautifully curated and the details of what you’ll find on the ceiling will definitely leave you in awe. 

Architecture Gallery
Architecture Gallery at the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia
Architecture Gallery
Architectural scale models at the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia

Conservation and Research Laboratories

I was very lucky to be one of a few to get a special look into the Conservation and Research Laboratories, which is not open to the public. Skilful conservators here work on preserving the existing collections in the museum. They have received intensive training under the direction of regional and international experts, and have backgrounds in fine art, chemistry, and applied science.

Conservation and Research Laboratories
Conservation and Research Laboratories at the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia

Coin and Seal Gallery

Islamic Arts Museum has an entire level dedicated to coins and seals. I was taken on a journey through significant Muslim dynasties solely through coinage, which serves as both an invaluable artefact and a complex representation of art.

Coin and Seal Gallery
Old coins displayed at the Islamic Arts Museum

Scholar’s Library

The Scholar’s Library is not open to the public and can only be used by researchers. It aspires to be a premier institution for the study of Islamic art in Malaysia, as well as a documentation centre for Malay manuscript research. This room gathers and preserves resources pertaining to the Islamic world's literary history. These resources are intended to enlighten and educate academics and scholars working in the field.

Scholar’s Library
Scholar’s Library at the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia

How to Get to Islamic Arts Museum

Car or E-hailing 

If you are planning to come by car, simply Waze Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia or Muzium Kesenian Islam Malaysia.

LRT and MRT 

If by any chance you are taking the LRT or MRT, stop at Pasar Seni and head straight to the Islamic Arts Museum. The walking distance shall take you about 11 minutes. 

Entrance Fee 

The tickets to enter the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is priced at RM14 per adult, RM7 per student, RM7 for senior citizens and entry is free for children below the age of 6. Students must show a valid ID.

The entrance fee is inclusive of special galleries. Admission to the museum shop, children’s library, restaurant and café, and art workshop are free of charge. 

Contact Information 

Address: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Jalan Lembah, Tasik Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact number: +603-2092 7070
Opening hours: 9.30pm – 6pm

The interior design of this museum literally blew my mind. There are four levels altogether and it takes approximately 2 hours to explore. We didn't get a chance to tour the whole museum, which is why I'm planning to visit this museum again soon!

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  1. Absolutely a must visit to this Islamic Arts Museum, I was truly impressed from my visit. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  2. Thanks for sharing about the museum. I have yet to visit here. Soon I will

  3. I like to study about mosque architecture going to visit this museum soon

  4. Nice museum kan, would love to explore this nanti when Im back in town!

  5. Muzium Kesenian Islam Malaysia ni lokasi wajib pergi kalau ke Tasik Perdana. Betul kata Grace, bangunan dia tidak seperti muzium. Hehehe. Terlalu cantik dan tenang untuk digelar muzium kan? Namun, ia adalah muzium seni yang dibuka sejak 1998.

    Muzium Kesenian Islam Malaysia merupakan muzium yang pertama dan terbesar di rantau Asia Tenggara yang dikhususkan bagi kesenian Islam. Selamat Datang!

  6. It has been quite some time that I am yet to jejakkan kaki ke Muzium Kesenian Islam Malaysia ni. Masa stay kat Lembah Klang dulu, memang jadi rutin untuk bawa anak-anak dan anak-anak saudara ke sini setiap dua, tiga bulan sekali. Binaannya cantik dan penuh dengan kesenian. I loikeeee.


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