Tung Yuen Halal Chinese Restaurant, Shah Alam

Looking for irresistibly delicious yet certified Halal Chinese food in Shah Alam? In this article, I will be sharing my dining experience at the Tung Yuen Restaurant located at the Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites in the heart of town!

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Tung Yuen Halal Chinese Restaurant, Shah Alam

History of Halal Chinese Food

Over a thousand years ago during the Tang Dynasty, when Islam first transmitted to China, Chinese halal food was made available. China has a sizable Muslim population, and they have a long tradition of eating halal food. Ten different ethnic groups have developed their own distinct cuisines based on Islamic dietary restrictions, including the Hui, Uyghur, Kazak, Dongxiang, Kirgiz, and Sala.

Halal food is referred to as "qing zhen" in China. In most circumstances, it is easy to locate a "qing zhen" restaurant in any Chinese city, big or small. In several locations throughout the city, you can find anything from top-rated restaurants to food stalls serving halal food. Most of them are run by Muslim immigrants from West China, who are comparatively poorer. On top of this, Arabian, Turkish, and Iranian eateries are also found in major megacities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

It is fortunate that today, halal Chinese food is easily accessible throughout the world.

Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant is located at Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites, Shah Alam
Photo credit: Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites
Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant
The restaurant serves delicious halal Cantonese cuisine | Photo credit: Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites

Cooking Demonstration by Chef Patrick Ng

As one of many lucky writers to join the Islamic Writers Workshop organised by the Islamic Tourism Centre, I had a chance to see Chef Patrick Ng in action. He skilfully demonstrated the way to prepare stir-fried chicken with Szechuan sauce right before my eyes, while carefully explaining every step of the process. Additionally, he pointed out the difference between the non-halal and halal version of this dish, which are determined by the ingredient selection.

Tung Yuen Halal Chinese Restaurant
Cooking Demonstration by Chef Patrick Ng at Tung Yuen

Food Menu at Tung Yuen

I'll be honest: this was my first time tasting proper Chinese food. The first few bites were slightly unusual to me, but the taste slowly but surely grew on me. During our visit, Chef Patrick Ng served more than six dishes that were created just for us.

Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant offers a selection of Cantonese cuisine that is sure to please its patrons. If you are planning to visit soon, I'd recommend that you go for the lunch set, which features three types of appetisers including Ebiko and Green Mixed Vegetable Salad, Chilled Jelly Fish with Sesame Sauce, and Stir-Fried Chicken with Bell Pepper and Szechuan Sauce.

Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Stir-Fried Chicken with Bell Pepper and Szechuan Sauce at Tung Yuen

Next, I got to try the Crispy Shanghai Pancakes, Sweet and Sour Fish with Pineapple and Bell Peppers, Stir-Fried Fresh Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic, and Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Black Garlic and Top Shell Meat. For dinner, the Tung Yuen Trio Combination was served, which came with Steamed Crabmeat Dumplings, Chilled Japanese Octopus with Jellyfish, and Wok-fried Sliced Top Shell.

Tung Yuen Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites
Tung Yuen Trio Combination

How to Get to Tung Yuen

The easiest way to get here is by car. From Persiaran Sultan, drive towards Pusat Bandar or Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam, and continue on to Jalan Persiaran Perbandaran. You will arrive at Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant, which is located in Mardhiyyah Hotel and Suites.

Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites, Shah Alam

At Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites, you are invited to experience the magnificence and warmth of Malaysian hospitality. Every personal touch, from gourmet meals to well-appointed rooms and suites, will delight you from the moment you arrive. This is the ideal location for both business and leisure trips.

Contact Information

Opening hours: 11.30am to 10.00pm
Lunch sets start at RM82.80 (available between 11.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.); dinner sets start at RM178.20 (available between 6.30 p.m. and 10.00 p.m.).
Address: Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites, Persiaran Perbandaran, Section 14, Shah Alam.
Contact number: +6019-261 6847
For reservation, call +603-5511 8811

Drop by Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant if you're in the mood for some sumptuous halal Cantonese dishes. The cosy restaurant atmosphere is perfect for a meal with friends and family!

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  1. Masa tinggal di Shah Alam dulu. Hotel Grand Blue Wave ni di antara hotel yang fav Ruby. Lepas tukar nama ke Mardhiyyah i belum berkesempatsn pergi lagi. Sekarang ada Tung Yuen Halal Chinese Restaurant. Aaaaa taksabar nak try.

  2. wahhh another halal Chinese cuisine. memang kena try ni. sure sedap.

  3. Selalu mencari halal chinese food yg sedap & exclusive! Best ni makan2 dgn family❤️

  4. Wow their dishes look so good and i like the restaurant ambience too

  5. Nice ye, can ajak my friends to join me makan2 here, been cravings for Chinese cuisine for quite sometime, good to know this restaurant serving Halal food!

  6. Memang sedap masakan kat Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant nih. Masa zaman masih panggil Grand Bluewave Hotel dulu, ex-company selalu buat makan-makan kat sini. Balik Klang Valley nanti nak pergi lah, menggamit kenangan gitu.


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