Traveling to the city of Vilnius in Lithuania? Be sure to drop by the Milky Way Restaurant or Restoranas Paukščių Takas - a rotating restaurant located on the 19th floor of the Vilnius TV Tower.

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Milky Way Restaurant, Vilnius TV Tower

Restoranas Paukščių Takas

Paukščių Takas, or Milky Way, is the name of the restaurant located on the 19th floor observation deck (165 metres above ground level) which offers a panoramic view of the city and the low-rise buildings surrounding it. It has a revolving platform which completes a rotation every 45 minutes. Visitors are transported to the restaurant in 40 seconds using high-speed elevators. On clear days, Vilnius and its bordering suburbs in the radius of 50 kilometers can be seen.

best vilnius restaurant
Sip on a glass of wine while taking in the beautiful view
Vilnius TV Tower
Milky Way Restaurant at the Vilnius TV Tower
milky way restaurant vilnius
Restoranas Paukščių Takas, the Milky Way restaurant

Food menu & price

Bistro-style dishes are served from 11am to 6pm, which include salad, burgers, waffles, and assorted desserts. From 6pm onward, European main courses are served. Alcoholic beverages are available.

I had a sandwich, a cheese platter, and a few glasses of wine when I was here. Obviously, that wasn't enough for me to actually write a review about the restaurant, so you can head on to its Facebook page for honest reviews and pictures of happy, smiling Lithuanians :)

Price ranges from 5€ to 15€.

best vilnius restaurant
The city of Vilnius from above
Restoranas Paukščių Takas
Cheese platter at the Milky Way Restaurant 

Vilnius TV Tower

The Vilnius TV Tower (Vilniaus televizijos bokštas) is the tallest structure in Lithuania, measuring 326.5 metres and is located in Karoliniškės, Vilnius. On January 13, 1991, 14 civilians were killed while they formed a blockade against the Soviet troops who attempted to seize the tower. A museum dedicated to this event is housed on the ground floor.

Vilnius TV Tower
Vilnius TV Tower in Lithuania

Contact Information

Address: Vilnius TV Tower, Sausio 13-osios g. 10, Vilnius, Lithuania
Contact number: +370 5 2525 336
Opening hours: 11am-10pm (weekday), 11am-11pm (weekend)

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