9 Smart Travel Hacks You Need to Know

Traveling should be easy and hassle-free. Here are 10 smart travel hacks you need to know today!
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    9 Smart Travel Hacks You Need to Know

    Book flights using Incognito Browser

    Browsing privately when booking your flights or hotels online will save you money as such online sites constantly track your visits, raising the price consecutively. Alternatively, you clear your cookies to avoid unnecessary price hikes.

    useful travel hacks
    9 Smart Travel Hacks You Need to Know
    Picture taken in Kraków (I am still in love with this cozy inn!)

    Use Google Maps offline

    Always have trouble finding directions? Type “OK Maps” into the Google Maps app and the part of the map currently visible on the screen will be automatically saved in your device. Alternatively, free maps are plenty and easily available at metro stations and airports.

    Check Foursquare for WiFi passwords

    Let's admit it - no one cares about Foursquare anymore, but kind patrons would occasionally leave WiFi passwords in the review section for your delightful convenience.

    Best Travel Tips

    Save luggage space by rolling clothes

    Rolling clothes, instead of folding them can help you maximize luggage space by a whopping 50% or more! It compresses the clothes better, while enabling you to fill them into gaps and smaller sections to take full advantage of the available space.

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    Save luggage space by rolling clothes
    Image source: lifehacker

    Bring along your own water bottle

    Our bodies need approximately 2L of water daily. Carrying an empty bottle with you wherever you go will not only help you save money (bottled water is unbelievably expensive in touristy areas), but it is also economical as many hotels and restaurants now allow you to refill for free. You can also save money on your flights by bringing in an empty bottle, and refilling it only after passing security.

    Pack footwear in shower caps

    If you need to store your sandy shoes in your luggage together with your clothing, you are better off packing them in one of those free hotel shower caps so nothing else gets soiled in the process.

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    Pack footwear in shower caps
    Image source: dailyrattle

    Wrap cables around binder clips

    Wrapping your charging cables or earphones around a binder clip does not only prevent tangling - it also makes storing a breeze!

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    Wrap cables around binder clips | Image source: lifehacker

    Buy travel-size toiletries and reuse them

    If you are a fan of traveling light, consider buying your toiletries in travel-size containers (volume of not more than 80ml). You can easily pass the security without having to check these items in, while being able to refill them on the go as many hotels and dormitories provide free shampoo and shower gel.

    Use pen springs to protect cables

    There's honestly nothing more annoying than faulty cables, so storing them the right way can increase their lifespan while keeping them efficient in powering up your gadgets.

    Tips for Traveling Cheaply
    Use pen springs to protect cables | Image source: jailbreakmodo

    The tips mentioned above can help you to save not just money, but it can make the journey a lot more enjoyable!


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