Who says Perlis is boring?

The smallest state in Malaysia lies north of the Peninsular west coast just beneath the Thai province of Satun. Besides its beautiful mosques such as Masjid Alwi Kangar and the floating Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis, it is also home to Gua Kelam - a historical cave that was once an important mining center under the British administration in Malaya. For those who thrive on spending time in the outdoors and observing the wildlife, Perlis also offers countless amazing natural attractions that cannot be found anywhere else in the region. Use this list to help you plan your trip to this beautiful destination on your next visit to West Malaysia!

9 Best Natural Attractions in Perlis, Malaysia

Lar Gibbon

More commonly known as the white-handed gibbon or Ungka Tangan Putih locally, this primate can be found across southwest China, East Myanmar, Thailand, Sumatra and West Malaysia. In Perlis, they are concentrated around Banjaran Nakawan - a series of mountains and hills ranged in a line connected on elevated grounds.

lar gibbon in perlis
Haven't seen a Lar Gibbon? Head over to Banjaran Nakawan in Perlis to test your luck!

Wang Kelian, Kampung Wang Kelian

You can have the view of the entire state of Perlis from the summit of Wang Kelian. This destination is popular among nature lovers as it is a great place to observe animals such as the Stump-Tailed Macaques that can only be found in Perlis and parts of southern Thailand.

The village of Wang Kelian was previously a very popular destination among tourists as there was a market located right on the Malaysia-Thailand border. However, its popularity has dipped in 2015 when death camps and mass graves were discovered in the dense jungles here where human trafficking took place.

Wang Kelian hiking
Beautiful limestone outcrops of Wang Kelian, Perlis

Bukit Chabang, Kangar

As one of the most iconic limestone in Perlis, Bukit Chabang is home to many species of animals and the favorite stopover for migratory birds thanks to the evergreen landscape and virgin forest that surrounds it. The 390-meter high Bukit Chabang is one of the best hiking spots in Perlis which takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Despite the short hike, the rocky and steep trail can be an exciting challenge for avid hikers and adventurous visitors.

Bukit Keteri, Kangar

Bukit Keteri is a limestone formation estimated to be over 250 million years old. It is known to many hikers as the Belly Button as it has a difficulty grade of 8B+, making it one of the more interesting hiking destinations across the region. Within the limestone, you can find a cave as wide as a football field and at the peak, hikers will be rewarded with a scenic view of the surrounding paddy fields.

Bukit Keteri perlis
Bukit Keteri in Perlis is surrounded by picturesque paddy fields.

Migratory Birds

Asian Openbill Storks (Anastomus Oscitans) or the Burung Botak Upeh are migrating birds from southern Asia. They arrive at Perlis in the mid of March each year and feed on the Siput Gondang Emas, simultaneously helping local farmers to get rid of the pests. These particular birds are commonly found foraging in inland wetlands or on agricultural landscapes such as irrigation canals, seasonal marshes or crop fields.

bird watching in perlis
Perlis is famous for birdwatching, and among that birds that you may see here are the Asian Openbill Storks, Common Flamebacks, Laced Woodpeckers, and the Pied Trillers.

Rare Dolphin Species

There are hundreds of dolphins sighted approximately 3 kilometres from the shores of Kuala Perlis all the way to Kuala Sanglang, including the Indo Pacific Humpbacks, Porpoise and Irrawaddy. Bottlenose dolphins as big as 3m to 4m can also be sighted here!

dolphin sighting in perlis
Don't forget to go on a dolphin sighting tour the next time you are in Perlis!

Kuala Perlis

Perlis is blessed with a bountiful marine life that has become a source of food for the locals, such as menterang (pholas), kerang (clams) and prawns. Many travelers have made Kuala Perlis their must-visit destination here to witness the most beautiful sunset from the shores, with the distant but noticeable Langkawi island in the background.

sunset in kuala perlis
Spectacular sunset at Kuala Perlis

Wang Gunung, Kangar

The peak of the 500 million-year-old Wang Gunung limestone stands at 499 metres above ground level and is located within the Nakawan Range. You will be rewarded with the breathtaking panoramic view of Perlis and Satun (the southernmost province of Thailand) when you make the climb!

hiking wang gunung perlis
Wang Gunung in Perlis is 500 million years old!

Nocturnal Owls

There are many species of nocturnal birds in Perlis, and the most popular one is the Barn Owl or known scientifically as the Tyto Alba Javanica. The natural habitat of these birds is within the caves located close to paddy fields as it allows them to hunt for food easily.

birdwatching in perlis
Can't get enough of birds? You might want to add Barn Owls onto your bird-watching list!

Perlis may be small, but it is undeniably one of the most unique state in Malaysia that is worth a short stopover. Happy travelling!

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