Pesta Angin Timur or the East Wind Festival is organised annually in Perlis to mark the weather transition from cool to dry and windy - known as the 'Winter Wind'. It also coincides with the end of the paddy harvest season in this region.

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    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis: A Popular Perlis Attraction

    History of Pesta Angin Timur Perlis

    Pesta Angin Timur or the East Wind Festival is an annual festival held at at Perlis - the northernmost state in Malaysia bordering the south of Thailand. This three-day event features an exciting line-up of cultural performances, delicious local cuisine and traditional games. The main purpose of this attraction is to promote the Malay, Chinese and Thai cultures of the northern peninsula to both locals and curious visitors.

    Popular Perlis Attraction
    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis: A Popular Perlis Attraction

    In 2021, the Perlis’ East Wind Festival enters its 6th year while emerging as top three of the most popular traditional cultural events in Malaysia. It is jointly organised by the Perlis state government and the National Department for Culture and Arts. As a highly anticipated and unique cultural event in the country, the Perlis East Wind Festival celebrates more than just the transition from a cool weather to a dry, windy weather each year - but it also marks the post-harvest season for paddy farmers.

    This festival gets its name from the winter-to-summer season transition that takes place in Perlis. During this period, the wind from the east is strong and cold, altering the way of life of the local communities in peaceful rural villages which are mostly made up of peasants and farmers. By taking part in this event, visitors can discover the beautiful weather, breathtaking sunset and landscape, and the unusual culture of the people here.

    International Kite Flying in Malaysia

    Kite flying plays a vital role during the East Wind Festival at Perlis. Enthusiasts not only from Malaysia, but across the world such as the Thais and Swiss make their way to this tiny state every year to showcase their unique, colorful and incredible kite collections. The windy weather paired with the impressive backdrop and large kites soaring in the sky make an unforgettable travel experience.
    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    Kite Flying at Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    Local and international kite flyers can participate in the East Wind Festival in Perlis

    Traditional Games & Activities in Perlis

    At the Pesta Angin Timur Perlis, you will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of traditional games that were played by the local farmers and their families for many decades. Entry is free and all that's required is a good sportsmanship. Most of the games can only be found in this region, played on muddy paddy fields after the harvest season. It marks the time for farmers to have fun after months of labour and hard work.

    There are many unfamiliar yet interesting activities such as hand-catching ducks and fishes and the "metal buffalo" race. There is also a carnival and other fun activities such as batik painting, rice hulling and chili fishing.

    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    Take part in a chili fishing competition at the Pesta Angin Timur Perlis!
    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    Both adults and children can participate in Pesta Angin Timur 
    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    Paper ducks are part of the cheeky decor found here
    acara tangkap itik
    Ducks swimming in the pond and getting ready for the game

    Perlis Local Food Market

    Tired after an entire day of exploring and playing? Take a break with a visit to the large food market to taste Perlis traditional dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The amazing dishes sold here include Laksa Perlis, Pulut Kacau, Pulut Ikan Kering, Emping, Pek Nga Nyok, Pulut Nyok and Pulut Pelam. Rice is a staple in this region, and this is evident at the food market!

    food market in perlis
    Food market at the Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    local food pelis
    Deep fried baby crabs sold by cups
    local food pelis
    Kuey Teow Goreng Basah
    traditional food pelis
    Aromatic soup cooked for hours using beef and local spices
    traditional food pelis
    Deep fried snacks are a hit at this food market in Perlis
    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    Steamed chickpeas as a healthier option

    Biggest Bazaar & Shopping in Perlis

    Looking to so some shopping in Perlis? Walk towards to theme park and you'll see rows after rows of vendors selling many unique local goods produced in Perlis. You will find anything from edible roots to live pets at this lively and loud bazaar!
    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    A vibrant carnival at the Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    raw honey perlis
    Raw honey straight from the hives
    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    Local roots sold for all kinds of ailments and needs
    pet shop perlis
    This pet shop is a popular attraction at the Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    kedai haiwan peliharaan perlis
    Think twice before buying any animal from the pet shop!

    Live Performances & Show

    There will be many traditional cultural performances at the festival as well, including live music, beauty pageants, dance performances by children and adults, and so many more. Grab a seat, sit back and enjoy the show!
    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis
    Live performances at the Pesta Angin Timur Perlis

    Contact Information

    Pesta Angin Timur Perlis

    Opening hours: 10.00am – 12.00am
    Address: Please check the official Facebook page for the latest updates
    Phone number: +60 49793600 / +60 49793604