Celebrate International Bubble Tea Day with New Tealive Tagline & Mascot

Picture this: the night sky over Kuala Lumpur twinkling not just with stars but with an immense, radiant LED display depicting the world’s Largest Bubble Tea Cup. This dazzling spectacle unfolded at the 48-storey TSLaw Tower, marking a remarkable celebration by Tealive on April 30, the eve of International Bubble Tea Day.

With its brand new tagline of "Brewing Positivity," Tealive isn't just another beverage brand; it's a cultural phenomenon that embodies the vibrant spirit of Malaysia.

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tealive Largest Bubble Tea Cup in Malaysia
On International Bubble Tea Day, Tealive is Brewing Positivity in Malaysia

Celebrate International Bubble Tea Day with New Tealive Tagline & Mascot

Largest Bubble Tea Cup Light Display

As the city's hustle quietened down, two facades of the towering TSLaw were set aglow, transforming the building into an eye-catching digital canvas. Stretching up to 185 metres high and featuring widths of 40 and 36 metres, the displays took the urban night aesthetics to new heights. On one side, the visuals of a colossal bubble tea cup burst into view, while the remaining facades proudly exhibited Tealive's new tagline and positive affirmations.

menara TSLaw
Tealive largest bubble tea cup live display at the TSLaw Tower, Kuala Lumpur.

Tealive's New Tagline: Brewing Positivity

Bryan Loo, the enterprising founder and CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd—Tealive's parent company—shared his enthusiasm for the grand unveiling. The occasion was carefully chosen to align with International Bubble Tea Day, propelling the brand towards a refreshed identity rooted in optimism and unity. Loo's vision for Tealive stretches beyond simple beverage crafting; it's about creating a narrative of encouragement and togetherness for all Malaysians.

Since its inception, Tealive has risen to dominate the regional tea lifestyle sphere, becoming a beacon of innovation and communal spirit in Southeast Asia. With over 1,000 stores peppering the region, Tealive's journey from a home-grown label to an international icon reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and cultural pride. The new chapter, as Loo suggests, aims to deepen consumer connections, introducing "Brewing Positivity" not only as a slogan but as a lived experience.

tealive founder
Bryan Loo, founder and CEO of Loob Holding, during the recent Tealive press conference held at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur.

Bru: New Tealive Mascot

In this vivid rejuvenation phase, Tealive introduced Bru—an endearing new mascot with a quirky bobblehead depicting a Boba tea. Bru's eccentric charm and funky demeanor are set to become symbols of Tealive’s drive against negativity, embracing a fun and forward-thinking ethos. With Bru, Tealive harnesses the power of character branding to weave deeper emotional connections with its audience.

tealive mascot
Bru is Tealive's new mascot with a boba head!

Mega Pearl Peach Paradise

The introduction of Bru was celebrated at a special event at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, inviting the public to engage in various interactive activities like the Giant Boba Toss and Run with Bru, sparking joy and community spirit.

Coinciding with the event was the launch of three tantalising new drinks under the "Mega Pearl Peach Paradise" series. These beverages, blending the succulence of peach with the signature texture of Tealive’s chewy pearls, exemplify the brand's knack for capturing taste trends and consumer desires.

The spectacle on April 30th went beyond mere marketing. It delivered a palpable sense of excitement and unity, gifted over 1,000 free drinks, OATSIDE and 600 Tealive Wall's ice cream, and featured dance performances and Warner Music celebrity interactions. This event wasn't just about viewing a massive cup of bubble tea light up the sky; it was an invitation to everyone to sip on the sweetness of positive living.

tealive lot 10
Tealive's ongoing public event at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang
tealive bruniverse
At Bru-niverse, Tealive introduced its brand new mascot, Bru.
tealive company background
Tealive launches new tagline & mascot in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on International Bubble Tea Day.

As the lights dimmed and the LED display flickered off, the imprint of Tealive's "Brewing Positivity" lingered in the hearts of many. Tealive’s initiative isn't merely a celebration of a beverage but a toast to a lifestyle that champions creativity, camaraderie, and cultural pride.

As Kuala Lumpur’s skyline returns to its routine shimmer, the essence of this event continues to brew in the city’s collective memory—an effervescent reminder that in Malaysia, positivity and innovation are always on the menu.

tealive malaysia
During the recent International Bubble Tea Day, Tealive lit up the KL skyline with Largest Bubble Tea Cup light display.

About Tealive

Tealive stands as the premier lifestyle tea label in Southeast Asia, boasting a network of more than 1,000 establishments globally. Originating in Malaysia in 2017, driven by a fervent desire to propagate contemporary tea culture worldwide, Tealive sustains its ascent through meticulous expansion strategies and the continual refinement of its product line and services.

Offering an extensive array of beverages including milk tea, smoothies, chocolate, and coffee, Tealive caters to diverse tastes across the globe. Presently, the brand caters to an excess of five million patrons monthly in Malaysia alone, while extending its reach to countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia, Cambodia, Brunei, Mauritius, and Canada.

About Loob Holding

Established in 2010 by Bryan Loo, Loob Holding emerges as a prominent Malaysian-based regional beverage entity, specializing in the premium quick service segment and boasting a diverse portfolio of four brands: Tealive, Bask Bear, Soda Xpress, and WonderBrew Kombucha. Recognised as one of Malaysia's largest F&B companies, its workforce comprises 3,000 enthusiastic tea aficionados, fondly referred to as "Loobies". They cater to over 5.5 million consumers monthly across 1,000 outlets spanning Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia, Cambodia, Brunei, Mauritius, and Canada.

Driven by a steadfast vision to become the foremost omni-channel beverage operator in Southeast Asia, we foster a robust entrepreneurial ethos among emerging F&B professionals, empowering them to revolutionise the industry.

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