Bold Beginnings: Launch of the Tiger Soju Infused Lager in Kuala Lumpur

The city lights of Kuala Lumpur often promise excitement, and on the evening of the 10th of May 2024, they shone a little brighter, heralding a unique fusion of tastes and celebration—the launch of Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager.

The buzz was palpable as 4,500 Malaysians descended upon the venue, each eager to witness and partake in the revelry that Tiger Beer had orchestrated with its newest innovation in the Malaysian market. This wasn't just any soirée; it was a gateway to an adventure draped in neon and infused with the daring flavours of Gutsy Grape, Wonder Melon, Punchy Peach, and Cheeky Plum.

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Bold Beginnings: Launch of the Tiger Soju Infused Lager in Kuala Lumpur

Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Launch Party

On a night filled with vibrant energy and bold aspirations, the grandiose launch party of Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager saw a staggering convergence of 4,500 enthusiasts who keenly anticipated the unveiling of Tiger Beer's latest toast to innovation. Held in the pulsating heart of Malaysia, the event promised—and delivered—a plethora of multisensory experiences, complete with an eclectic lineup of local and international artists.

The attendees, hailing from diverse backgrounds, congregated to be part of a groundbreaking moment in the beverage industry, lured by the promise of encountering an unforgettable twist of flavours and entertainment. As they made their way into the venue, they were ushered through an entrance that felt like stepping into another dimension—a glowing neon tunnel that served as the portal into Tiger's audaciously inventive domain.

Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Launch Party
Partygoers living it up at the electrifying Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Launch Party
Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Launch Party
Guests dancing the night away at the launch party

Immersive Experiences & Games

Immersed in the glow of electrifying lights and the buzz of animated conversations, guests were invited to go on a voyage of discovery. It began with the first tantalising sip of the Gutsy Grape flavour, a masterful blend that paid homage to the traditional essence of soju forged by Tiger Beer.

The 'Twist Makeover' area acted as a cornerstone of transformation where patrons could adopt a visual identity as dynamic and unconventional as the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager itself. Here, an exhilarating array of makeup and accessories allowed guests to symbolically and literally 'wear' the twist, embodying the spirit of innovation that Tiger Beer sought to champion.

Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager launch party
Party-goers getting a complimentary Twist Makeover at the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager launch party

Live Performances by Malaysian Artists

Sonic waves of euphoria swept through the venue as a powerful line-up of performers took to the stage. The pulsating rhythms of DJ sets by Queen T, Julian, and Sherry Alyssa created a symphony of beats that energised the atmosphere. They pave the way for the explosive presence of the Ban Huat crew, with artists like YUNGKAI, S.A.C, and Dato Maw innovatively blending the realms of hip hop with the present moment.

youtuber 3P
Performance by Malaysian YouTubers Threee Production or 3P
DJ Sherry Alyssa
DJ Sherry Alyssa spinning tunes at the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager launch party.
The Black Royals malaysia
The Black Royals taking the stage at the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager launch party.
Dato Maw songs
Malaysian Chinese artist Dato' Maw during his performance

Special Appearance by K-pop Rapper Loco

The performances reached fever pitch as K-pop dance medleys spun the crowd into a frenzy of movement and dance, only to be heightened by the much-anticipated appearance of South Korean rapper Loco. His soulful lyrics and melodious flow struck a chord with both his long-standing admirers and new fans, capping off the night with a performance that resonated with sincerity and zeal.

loco rapper
K-pop rapper, Loco performing at the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager launch party

Bespoke Tiger Soju Cocktails

The Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Bar was a hive of activity, with mixologists showcasing their artisanal prowess, concocting bespoke cocktails infused with the unique blend of soju-flavoured lager, omija berry, and ginger flower. Each blend was an adventure in itself, designed to surprise and delight the palate.

Tiger beer cocktails
Bespoke Tiger Soju cocktails

Complementing the tapestry of tastes were the curated Asian delicacies from MiX.Store booth, handpicked to perfectly accompany the nuanced flavours of the beverages. The crowd indulged in a culinary journey that was just as experimental and refreshing as the drinks in their hands.

MiX.Store tiger beer
MiX.Store booth at the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager launch party

Willemijn Sneep: Marketing Director of Heineken Malaysia

Willemijn Sneep, the esteemed Marketing Director at Heineken Malaysia Berhad, encapsulated the essence of the night as she remarked, “The unveiling of such a revolutionary product as bold and vivacious as the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager is a testament to our passionate pursuit of igniting fun in the lives of our consumers. We've fashioned a space that marries exploration with playfulness and self-expression—we're overjoyed by the creativity and joy of our fans this evening. As they navigate the cadences of their daily lives, we invite them to continue finding joy and celebration with Tiger Beer, each time with a refreshingly innovative twist.”

The launch was more than just an evening of festivity; it was the dawning of a new era for Tiger Beer and its ardent followers. A testament to a brand that dares to redefine enjoyment and encourages consumers to embrace the unconventional with open arms, hearts, and palates. As the night concluded, it was clear that Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager had set a new standard, not just in beverage excellence, but in crafting indelible memories that will echo in the minds of its patrons for years to come.

Available at Local Supermarkets

Post-launch, the Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager in its vivacious Gutsy Grape avatar is now beckoning taste adventurers from the aisles of local supermarkets, bars, and restaurants across Peninsular Malaysia. For those who prefer the comfort of their homes, it’s also available online through Drinkies and other retail channels.

Behind the scenes of such grand events is Heineken Malaysia’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With a portfolio rich with international brands, they hold the banner high for not just creating exceptional drinks but also fostering responsible consumption and engaging with the community meaningfully.

As the night drew to a close, the air was thick with laughter, the ground sticky with spilled lager, and hearts light with the joy of new experiences. The Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager launch was more than just an event; it was a vivid chapter added to the nightlife of Kuala Lumpur—one that every attendee would remember as a bold twist in their book of delightful evenings.

To stay updated on Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager and dive into the world of Tiger innovations, navigate your browser to Tiger Beer or their social media pages.


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