Sabayon brings new depth and innovation to the local fine dining scene by fusing contemporary European creations with artisanal Malaysian elements. Step into this coveted spot to admire the Kuala Lumpur sunset at the hotel’s very peak as you wine and dine beneath the city sky.

In our opinion, there are four things that any exceptional rooftop restaurant must be able to offer: Gourmet fare, amazing views, ample personal space, and tasty handcrafted cocktails to go with the sunsets. Ready to find out how well Sabayon fares? Read the full article to find out!

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    Fine-Dining Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
    Sabayon EQ Hotel: Rooftop Fine-Dining Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

    Sabayon EQ Hotel: Rooftop Fine-Dining Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

    Located on the hotel’s highest floor, Sabayon greets its diners with the spectacular views of the city and the Petronas Twin Towers. The place comes alive as the sun sets into the horizon with its infinity-themed foyer. Entering the restaurant instantly transports you to another realm through the dreamy and elegant high ceilings, adorned with nothing short of the most tasteful copper and bronze accents.

    Ready to dine? Pick from their à la carte offerings, or go bold with its degustation menu. A sommelier is ready around the clock to recommend the best wine to go with your chosen dishes.

    sabayon eq hotel menu
    Welcome to Sabayon, EQ Hotel's rooftop fine-dining restaurant located on the 51st floor.
    rooftop dining in kl
    Get a precious bird's eye view of Kuala Lumpur from Sabayon EQ Hotel

    Where is EQ Kuala Lumpur

    EQ first opened its doors in 1973 and was previously known as Hotel Equatorial located along Jalan Sultan Ismail. The world-renowned hospitality name quickly gained its reputation as a premier five-star destination in Malaysia but halted operations between 2012 to 2019 for redevelopment, making way for its dazzling successor. Today, EQ stands 52-storey tall in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, offering 440 luxurious suites and rooms - each having its own panoramic view of the mesmerizing city skyline. The most impressive feature yet is perhaps Sky51 - an entire floor dedicated for the hotel’s revolutionary F&B offerings, rooftop bars and ritzy restaurants.

    The alfresco dining area accommodates 40 guests while the indoor area caters to 60 guests. There are also a semi-private room for up to 8 guests and a private room for up to 20 guests.

    sky 51 eq hotel menu
    Sabayon's semi-private room that fits up to 8 guests

    Award-winning Design & Décor

    Despite the indoor dining, it still feels on top of the world when you are at Sabayon. The restaurant’s ethereal design is a recreation of a bird’s life from 250 meters above, brought to life through the fascinating cloud formations made up of smaller individual feather-like sculptures. The enthralling journey begins at the Sky51 lobby, where you can immerse in the surreal stillness of a infinite horizon - the way a bird would as it glides into the sky.

    Just recently, Sabayon EQ KL has been awarded the Gold Award for Design Excellence in the Food and Beverage category by the MIID REKA Awards 2019 as well as Best of Award of Excellence in the Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards 2020.

    Sabayon EQ Hotel kuala lumpur
    Sabayon EQ KL won the Gold Award for Design Excellence in the F&B category by MIID REKA Awards 2019
    sabayon kl review
    Sabayon EQ's infinity-themed foyer that's perfect for an Instagram photo
    Sabayon EQ Hotel
    High ceilings and ample city view at Sabayon EQ
    Rooftop Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
    Sabayon brings an ethereal design to life

    Review, Food Menu & Price

    The man behind Sabayon’s culinary creations is Chef de Cuisine Jonathan Heng, who has more than 16 years of experience in the field. He followed his chef-father’s footsteps into the culinary world and showcases his competence in classic cooking methods and refined techniques. He brings together premium imported ingredients and artisanal local products and meticulously formulated a dinner menu comprised of three-course (RM338), four-course (RM438) and five-course (RM538) options - on top of a selection of à la carte dishes for both indoor and alfresco dining.

    Sabayon EQ Hotel menu
    Sabayon EQ KL ala carte menu & price
    Sabayon EQ Hotel menu
    Sabayon EQ KL degustation menu & price

    Sabayon 3-Course Menu

    Our sky-dining adventure in Sabayon was aptly elevated with a 3-course meal. Our appetite is teased with an amuse-bouche, followed by a starter (choice of scallop or chicken), before bringing out the big boys (main course choice of cod or tenderloin) and a sweet ending to seal the deal.

    Sourdough & Butter

    The sourdough at Sabayon is baked fresh and served warm - along with three different and delicious variations of fats to get you warmed up for the meal: hand-whipped yuzu butter, olive oil and salted butter. A playful shard of crisped sourdough provides a contrast in texture.

    Rooftop Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
    Fresh sourdough bread served with three kinds of fats: Yuzu butter, olive oil or salted butter.

    First-Course Option 1: Hokkaido Scallop

    Small in size but big on taste, the first-course makes a grand entrance onto the table with an incredibly lavish leek fondue and succulent caviar to glorify the fresh and beautifully seared scallop. This is probably our winner of the day!

    Rooftop Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
    Fresh and juicy Hokkaido scallop served at Sabayon EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur.
    equatorial hotel buffet
    Pick either the Hokkaido scallop or the Chicken Pot-au-Feu as your first-course.

    First-Course Option 2: Chicken Pot-au-Feu

    A clear and gentle soup packed with surprising umami gushes, each sip is a tuneful assimilation of distinct flavors from the braised mushrooms and foie gras. A subtle yet graceful transition to the main course.

    Sabayon EQ Hotel
    Umami-packed Chicken Pot-au-Feu served at Sabayon EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur.
    Rooftop Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
    Chicken Pot-au-Feu: First-course at Sabayon EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

    Second-Course Option 1: Sous-Vide Skrei Cod

    Perhaps a little oversized for fine-dining portion (but who’s complaining?), the cod fillet is cooked à la chinoise: through and seasoned adequately with miso beurre blanc. Take delight in bathing the cod in the rich, buttery and creamy sauce punctuated by bursting bubbles of flavors from the salmon roe.

    Note: If you are choosing scallop for your first course, skip the cod and go for the tenderloin as both dishes are on the creamy side with a similar taste profile.

    fine dining in kl
    Sous-Vide Skrei Cod served as a main course at Sabayon EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

    Second-Course Option 2: Black Angus Tenderloin

    Lovers of red meats will definitely go for the tenderloin for its softer, melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. The steak is served alongside a lightly seared brioche loaded with pulled oxtail for a wonderful contrast of textures on a plate. While the former tasted average, the latter stands out due to the creative assembly and seemingly effortful preparation.

    Fine Dining Hotel in KL City Centre
    Black Angus Tenderloin served as a main course at Sabayon EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

    Dessert: Citrus Air

    It’s almost like the Chef is saving the best for last with this artful masterpiece. Among all the dishes, the dessert is in a class of its own and proudly showcases the Chef’s innovation and expressiveness with unexpected depths and textures tied together by a yellow-and-white palette and a consistent theme: citrus. Every element is different - some are dreamy and airy, some are hard and crunchy, and others offer a sharp and zestful delight. Our favorite item on the plate is the ball of creamy, sour sorbet that cleanses and refreshes the palate.

    Sabayon EQ Hotel
    Citrus air - a fine dessert indeed at Sabayon EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur.


    Order a cup of hot coffee to be enjoyed with these delightful complimentary bite-sized treats to end the meal on a sweet note: gourmet chocolate, marshmallow and gummy.

    Sabayon EQ Hotel
    Mignardises for a sweet ending at Sabayon EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

    Sabayon at EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur provides a great space to enjoy the city from an intimate distance, and would make a lovely spot for Valentine's dinner or anniversary celebrations. An attractive plate instantly makes a meal more delicious and interesting, and we hope to see this in Sabayon's main courses in the future!

    Contact Information

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    Address: Level 51, EQ, Equatorial Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
    Opening hours: Lunch 12pm-3pm (Monday-Saturday), Dinner 5pm-10pm daily
    Dress code: Smart casual
    Email address:
    Note: Reservations is required and deposited is collected to secure booking. Please call +60327897839/7840 or book through TableApp.