Tuaran Mee: Sabah Must-try Food

To better understand a culture that is foreign to you, always have it done through your taste buds. Recipes of local food are something that has been passed down for generations. They consist not only of a timeless heritage, but each rich, flavourful bite will unfold a compelling story of its people, the mores, and their way of life for over the centuries.

Our strong belief that food is a culture’s best preserved heritance has contributed immensely to our years of cultural exploration, allowing us to appreciate unfamiliar customs by using not just sight, sound, and touch, but also our sense of taste and smell as well.

This time around, we had the chance to savour the much acclaimed Tuaran Mee when we were at Tamparuli, a sub-district of Tuaran located on the west coast of Sabah.

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tuaran mee in sabah, malaysia
Learn all about Tuaran Mee - the most popular local dish in Sabah, Malaysia

Tuaran Mee: Sabah Must-try Food

What is Tuaran Mee

Made from pure egg yolk and flour batter, each mouthful yields a mild and pleasant egg aroma which flavour oozes out gracefully with each chew. You’ve never really tasted eggs until you give these noodles a try. Springy, chewy, and saturated with egg essence, Tuaran Mee gives eggs the glory they deserve. Topped typically with Hakka egg rolls, pork strips, Char Siew (sweet BBQ pork), fish cakes, and vegetables - this Tuaran-originated dish is a must-have when one visits Sabah!

Just like Laksa is to Penang, Kolo Mee is to Sarawak, Tuaran Mee is the noodle that truly represents the state of Sabah in Malaysia. This golden-yellow noodle is soaked in the fragrance of the meat, egg and local vegetables and has a slightly crispier edge. As quality is of the essence, the cooks that prepare the dish always use fresh, handmade noodles that are usually denser and incredibly chewy. 

Tuaran Mee sabah
Traditional Tuaran Mee in Tamparuli, Sabah

History of Tuaran Mee

For lovers of traditional cuisine, Tuaran Mee is a true gem of Sabah's culinary heritage. This iconic dish has a rich and fascinating history, dating back to the 1970s when it was made using traditional 'knife-cut' techniques, resulting in thick, wide, and rugged noodles that were a true feast for the senses.

Over time, machines were introduced to the town, allowing for a more 'modern' form of Tuaran Mee to be created, with thin and uniform strands that still retain the dish's signature flavour and texture. And while the recipe may have evolved over time, Tuaran Mee remains a beloved dish of the Nanyang-Chinese community in Sabah, a true testament to the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the region.

Best Tuaran Mee in Tamparuli, Sabah

When it comes to Tuaran Mee, there's no shortage of options to choose from in Sabah. But for those seeking the most authentic and mouth-watering version of this beloved dish, there's only one place to go: the charming town of Tamparuli.

Nestled in the heart of the Tuaran district on the idyllic west coast of Sabah, Tamparuli is a true hidden gem that is home to some of the most delicious and flavourful Tuaran noodles in the region. And it's not hard to see why - with its rich cultural heritage and diverse mix of ethnic Dusun, Bajau, and Chinese communities, Tamparuli is a melting pot of flavours and traditions that has given rise to a truly unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

From the moment you arrive in Tamparuli, you'll be captivated by the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding area, the warm and welcoming locals, and the intoxicating aroma of freshly cooked Tuaran Mee. And with its close proximity to Kota Kinabalu, it's the perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and indulge in some truly authentic and delicious cuisine.

Tuaran Mee in Tamparuli, Sabah
On the way to Tamparuli. It was an adventures driving across this renowned two-way single-lane road built right above a river. Well I guess it's better than having to swim across.
Tamparuli, Sabah
On the way to to look for the best Tuaran Mee at Tamparuli, Sabah
tamparuli, sabah
Sleepy town of Tamparuli, Sabah
tamparuli, sabah
Here, people still live a quiet, reserved and uncomplicated life. This place offers the kind of tranquillity we all seek for.

Calling all foodies and adventurous eaters - have you tried the mouth-watering Tuaran Mee yet? This beloved dish, which originated in Sabah, Malaysia, is a true culinary masterpiece that is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

But what makes Tuaran Mee so special, you might ask? For starters, it's made using a unique combination of ingredients and techniques that give it a flavour and texture unlike any other noodle dish out there. From the thick and chewy noodles to the savoury and aromatic broth, every bite of Tuaran Mee is a true feast for the senses.

But don't just take our word for it - we want to hear from you! Have you had the pleasure of trying Tuaran Mee? What did you think of this unique and delicious dish? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below and let's celebrate the magic of Tuaran Mee together!

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